Aloha! I am Wesley and I live on 'Oahu! I feel super blessed to be born & raised in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I definitely do not take this place I call home, for granted.

Q: What do you love most about being a wedding coordinator & wedding officiant?

A: As cliché as this sounds- I love LOVE! I love being immersed in all forms of love, witnessing a strong, & unconditional love between two human beings or with family/friends. I get the chance to be the couples "main chick," helping them through a very exciting & momentous occasion through stress-free planning & executing their vision. I am somewhat of a "jack of all trades" which has helped me gain the experience & knowledge I have today.

Q: What is a piece of advice you love to give couples to help them with preparing for their big day?

A: Something that I stress to my couples is YOU DO YOU. Weddings can become very stressful & filled with lots of unwanted opinions. Remember this is your day!  Looking back on this joyous occasion, you wanna say "YUP THAT WAS TOTALLY US!"


Q: What is your specialty or gets your excited?

A:  Give me a couple who wants to elope, has a very adventurous spirit, doesn't mind going on a hike, going out in the middle of the ocean getting their feet wet.  I love ADVENTURE ELOPEMENTS! Whether you are renewing your vows after 2 years or 15 years or even 40 years - proclaiming your love on top of a mountain or under a waterfall, that gets me super duper pumped!



my family 


cup of coffee/ green juice 








having something to plan


"the office" reruns 



inspiring others